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Pregnancy & Infant Loss

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Parents shouldn’t grieve the loss of a child alone. We provide support and comfort to honor the life of children lost too soon.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

You may not realize how many people you know have experienced losing a child. It can be awkward to announce a pregnancy after it has ended. For many women it is too intimate to share.

Infant loss might be the loneliest experience women face—millions of them. We know the silence that surrounds pregnancy and infant loss first hand. There is a deep desire or need to talk about your infant loss and Kennedy’s Angel Gowns is here to support.

Miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, early neonatal loss, and infant loss are not uncommon, but they are not commonly discussed. We are here to raise awareness and offer our support.

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Our Mission

pregnancy and infant loss awareness

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns aims to help, heal, and give back to bereaved families. We also continue to raise awareness of pregnancy and infant loss. We are discussing infertility, miscarriage, early neonatal loss, stillbirth, and infant loss and offer our support—breaking the silence.


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Healing Families

Meet the “angel babies” and their parents that received an infant burial gown and bereavement support from our programs.

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We want to share our story and honor our daughter by helping others in similar situations because that is exactly what was done for us. God puts people in our lives for a reason and there is no mistake about that!

• Brown family

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We made a promise to our baby girl to stay positive, to never forget her, and that her name lives on through us, through each and every one of her sisters. We have been so blessed to of found Kennedys Angel Gowns.”

• Grace family

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If we can give other families what we were given through Kennedy’s Angel Gowns—knowing, being seen, being heard—during the most difficult time of their lives, we will know it was not in vain.

• Bryant family

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