15 students complete Community Doula Program training


March 28, 2022

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns completed our first Community Doula Program training with 15 students.

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA — Kennedy’s Angel Gowns spent March 26-27, 2022, with our doula instructor Erica M. McAfee of Sisters in Loss and 15 students, for our first Community Doula Program.

We are beyond excited for these doulas to join our community, allowing Kennedy’s Angel Gowns to offer doula services for families facing or experiencing a pregnancy or infant loss.

Our new full-spectrum doulas will provide advocacy and support for all types of birthing plans. Our team is available whether a person is dealing with infertility, experiencing loss, or expecting a delivery resulting in a living baby.

The Community Doula Program was two days of training about the birthing process, labor, comfort measures, and more. It also gave the students a foundation to understand the historical context that anti-black racism has played in obstetrics and gynecology. That systemic racism still contributes to high maternal mortality and morbidity rates for black and brown women.

Additionally, the program’s course focused heavily on the role of a doula supporting a person who has experienced loss at any gestational age. That included exploring support for labor, delivery, and postpartum stages.

The doulas are now thoroughly trained and will receive their doula certification after completing the course work, including supporting three mothers.

Congratulations to Renee Adkins, Stacy Daniel, Megan Gillispie, Chasity Womack, Julie Roberson, Dana Dixon, Shareetta Carpenter, Tawana Custodio, Lisa Martin, Ebony Canady, Ashley Brown, Tamara Mitchell, Megan Spears, Raini Wimbro, Faye Graham! We are so excited to have you on the Kennedy’s Angel Gowns team to advocate, support, and save lives.

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