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The Angel Box Program: Spreading Comfort to Bereaved Families

The Angel Box program is pivotal in fulfilling our mission at Kennedy’s Angel Gowns. Our 4×6″ full-color postcard is a powerful tool to raise awareness about our infant burial kit program, extending solace and support to families navigating the challenges of pregnancy and infant loss challenges.

NOTE: This product caters exclusively to healthcare facilities and funeral homes. If you are an individual seeking information or support regarding our program, we invite you to visit The Angel Box page for comprehensive details.

Placing Your Order

The Angel Box Postcard is available in specific quantities at absolutely no cost. This resource is meticulously designed for distribution within healthcare facilities and funeral homes. If you represent a healthcare institution or a funeral home, you can effortlessly request these postcards to enhance your outreach initiatives. Kindly indicate the quantity you require, and we will expedite the processing of your order. By sharing these postcards, you play a vital role in ensuring that families in need are informed about the available assistance. We sincerely appreciate your participation in our mission to offer solace and support during these trying times.

We kindly ask you to take a moment to review the provided terms and conditions before placing your order.

Terms & Conditions

Eligibility: Hospitals, funerals, or healthcare institutions providing care and support to bereaved families of pregnancy and infant loss can request marketing materials.

Intended Use: The requested marketing materials are intended solely for providing information, comfort, and support to bereaved families. Any other use is prohibited.

Non-Commercial Use: Hospitals agree not to use the marketing materials for any commercial purposes, and they will not sell, trade, or exchange the materials.

Respectful Display and Distribution: Hospitals agree to display and distribute the marketing materials respectfully and sensitively, ensuring they are easily accessible to families seeking support.

Accuracy of Information: Hospitals are responsible for ensuring they use the most recent marketing materials for the accuracy and relevance of the information provided. Kennedy’s Angel Gowns is not liable for any inaccuracies.

Limited Quantity: The quantity of marketing materials provided may be limited based on availability. Hospitals should request materials based on their genuine need.

No Alterations: Hospitals agree not to alter, modify, or manipulate the content, design, or branding of the marketing materials without prior written consent.

Feedback and Reporting: Hospitals are encouraged to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the marketing materials in supporting bereaved families. They may also report any issues or concerns or Heather Wilson at

Acknowledgment of Source: Hospitals agree to acknowledge Kennedy’s Angel Gowns as the source of the marketing materials whenever they are displayed or distributed.

Termination of Agreement: Kennedy’s Angel Gowns reserves the right to terminate the provision of marketing materials to any hospital that violates the terms and conditions or misuses the materials.

Indemnification: Hospitals agree to indemnify and hold harmless Kennedy’s Angel Gowns from any claims, liabilities, or damages arising from their use of the marketing materials.

Governing Law: The terms and conditions are governed by the jurisdiction’s laws where Kennedy’s Angel Gowns is based.

Modification of Terms: Kennedy’s Angel Gowns reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Hospitals can find current changes on this form.

Contact Information: Hospitals should provide accurate contact information to facilitate communication regarding the requested marketing materials.

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Postcard 4×6″ – The Angel Box

Raise awareness and offer support with our Angel Box program’s 4×6″ postcard, aiding bereaved families facing pregnancy and infant loss. Available for free to healthcare facilities and funeral homes.

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