One helping another

The sew-in events are a special time for our community to help one another as we serve others.

Learn to sew

We offer free lessons and support every month to help you learn how to sew angel gowns with us!

Get crafty!

We assemble the matching Mommy & Me keepsake bracelets each month, too!

The Angel Box Team

Volunteers on this team sign up for our monthly Sew-In event. They work together on the material, garments, wraps, bracelets, and blankets that go in The Angel Box.

The Sew-In event lasts about two hours, and you’re free to come and go as you need. Volunteers can drop off their finished projects and pick up more supplies to use at home.

Many volunteer hours are at the heart of every Angel Box. This team’s endless dedication, whether volunteering from home or at the monthly Sew-In, is why we can give free boxes to bereaved families in Virginia.

We hope you’ll consider joining this unique community. Providing our free infant burial kits is not a short-term service—your time and dedication are very much needed.

Infant Burial Patterns

Our team members can access our commonly used patterns and instructions in one place!

Donate My Wedding Gown

Accepting local drop off donations

Visit an upcoming Angel Box Team Sew-In event to drop off your wedding gown. Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will make a world of difference to bereaved families. Let's spread love and kindness together ❤️

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The Angel Box Team 1 - Kennedys Angel Gowns

How do I sign up?

The upcoming monthly sew-in events appear here, on our Volunteer page, or in the free POINT app (see instructions). Create a free account with POINT and join us!

It takes hundreds of hours to produce enough Angel Boxes for our communities! We look forward to seeing you at the next Angel Box Team Sew-in event.

Volunteer Hours

Your volunteer hours are automatically tracked when you sign up with POINT and attend a sew-in event. Additional hours completed outside of the sew-in events can be submitted in the app for approval.

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns tracks total volunteer hours—your cooperation using POINT is appreciated.

The Angel Box Team 2 - Kennedys Angel Gowns
The Angel Box Team 3 - Kennedys Angel Gowns
The Angel Box Team 4 - Kennedys Angel Gowns
The Angel Box Team 5 - Kennedys Angel Gowns
The Angel Box Team 6 - Kennedys Angel Gowns
The Angel Box Team 7 - Kennedys Angel Gowns
The Angel Box Team 8 - Kennedys Angel Gowns
The Angel Box Team 9 - Kennedys Angel Gowns

Local volunteers create “angel gowns” at Sew-Ins

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns was once the work of one bereaved mother but has now grown to include more than 20 volunteers that make up The Angel Box Team. These volunteers sign up monthly for Sew-Ins, and volunteer from home.
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