Bulk Burial Garments

Dimensions 9 × 10 × 4 in
Infant Size

Micro, Wrap, Preemie, Newborn Small, Newborn Medium, Newborn Large


Neutral, Mixed

For Hospitals and Funeral Homes: Request one bulk order of our handcrafted infant burial garments, available in sets of 2 per size for a total 12 garments for your convenience. These garments, meticulously crafted from donated wedding gowns, support our compassionate mission. Each garment is meticulously enclosed in a sealed, clear wrapper and accompanied by an information card, facilitating a respectful and compassionate hand delivery to bereaved families under your care on our behalf.

Kindly note that our dedicated volunteers initiate the creation process, which may take 15-30 days for fulfillment, contingent upon the garment size.

📌 Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Angel Gowns: By accepting infant burial garments (hereinafter referred to as “garments”) from Kennedy’s Angel Gowns, the hospital/funeral home recipient (hereinafter referred to as “Recipient”) agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions.

Recipient Information Form: Recipients shall instruct bereaved families to complete the online Recipient Information Form as a pre-requisite to accepting a garment. This form includes basic contact details and information regarding the garment’s intended use. After distributing the garment, the form must be completed accurately and submitted within a reasonable time frame (no later than ten days, if possible).

Intended Use: Garments provided by Kennedy’s Angel Gowns are intended solely for the dignified and respectful dressing of infants for burial. Recipients shall not use the garments for any commercial purposes, resale, or any other activity inconsistent with the charitable intent of Kennedy’s Angel Gowns.

Proper Handling and Care: Hospital/funeral home staff are responsible for properly handling and caring for the garments. Garments should be stored clean and safe to maintain their integrity. Hospital/funeral home staff shall provide the garments to families in their original sealed, clear wrapper as received, without any modifications or additions. The garments are thoughtfully prepared and presented to maintain their integrity and dignity. Any alteration or addition to the garments is not permitted to preserve the intended experience and respect for the families receiving them. It is of utmost importance that the garments are presented to families as-is to honor the memory of their precious angels. Any damage or deterioration of the garments due to negligence or improper handling may result in the hospital/funeral home being responsible for replacement costs.

Limited Warranty: Kennedy’s Angel Gowns provides garments free of charge and without any warranties, express or implied. While every effort is made to ensure the quality and appropriateness of the garments, Kennedy’s Angel Gowns shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or claims arising from using the garments.

Bulk Order Limitation: Recipients are requested to limit their bulk order requests to what is reasonably needed for their specific circumstances. This ensures that the limited resources of Kennedy’s Angel Gowns can be allocated effectively to meet the needs of multiple hospitals and families.

Garment Sets and Styles: Each bulk order of angel gowns provided by Kennedy’s Angel Gowns consists of 12 garments, two of each size. These sets are thoughtfully assembled to encompass a variety of styles that are often gender-neutral in design. The assortment of styles caters to diverse needs, fostering inclusivity and sensitivity during this challenging time. We kindly request recipients to understand and appreciate the intention behind these gender-neutral and diverse offerings.

Fulfillment Timeline: Recipients shall allow 15-30 business days to fulfill bulk orders, plus shipping time. Kennedy’s Angel Gowns operates with a volunteer team and fulfills orders in the order they are received. Delays due to unforeseen circumstances may occur, and recipients are requested to be patient and understanding.

Communication: Kennedy’s Angel Gowns may contact recipients if any questions or clarifications are required regarding the bulk order request. The recipient is responsible for providing accurate and timely responses to such inquiries.

Modification of Terms: Kennedy’s Angel Gowns reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Accepting and using the garments provided by Kennedy’s Angel Gowns, the recipient acknowledges and agrees to the above terms and conditions. These terms constitute the entire agreement between Kennedy’s Angel Gowns and the recipient regarding using the garments.

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Bulk Burial Garments

Bulk orders of our handcrafted infant burial garments are available as 12 garments, two of each size. Crafted from donated wedding gowns, each garment is enclosed in a sealed wrapper with an info card, aiding compassionate hand deliveries to bereaved families. ❗️Before placing your order, we recommend thoroughly reviewing the accompanying Terms & Conditions. Custom orders or special requests are not available.

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