CleverGiver® for Kennedy’s Angel Gowns


January 29, 2021

We are excited to have partnered with CleverGiver® to help you support us while simply shopping online!

To help us raise funds through this platform, you’ll want to use CleverGiver® for your online shopping (with more than 4,800 brands including Walmart, Target, Lowes, Best Buy, Walgreens, TJ Maxx, Wayfair). As you shop through their website, you’ll earn cashback on every purchase. You may then either donate it to your favorite/local nonprofits, or cash out withdrawing the funds.

We would be honored if you chose Kennedy’s Angel Gowns and shop with CleverGiver®. Many thanks in advance for your support! Every penny counts.

Join our army of supporters at (this is a referral link that will select our organization). You can also manually select us from their list of nonprofits as the destination of your donations. Oh, and they will also match your first purchase cashback 100%!

5 Little-Known Benefits of CleverGiver®

If you feel a bit confused if CleverGiver® is better than the other shopping options that generate donations for us, read how CleverGiver® complements AmazonSmile, matches donations, and more on their blog. If you’re serious about fundraising (without spending a dime) and deciding where your donations can go, it seems you’ll appreciate shopping with CleverGiver®.

  1. Many Times Better Than Amazon Smile
    AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of every sale, but if you shop with Amazon’s direct competitors (like,, and others) through CleverGiver®, you will be able to donate five to eight times more. It’s 1.2% on purchases at Apple, 2.4% at, 3% at, 3.6% at Lowe’s, 4.2% at Wayfair, and so on.
  2. Matching First-Purchase Cashback 100%
    Each shopper’s first purchase cashback is 100% matched by CleverGiver – doubling the amount (available for donations) in the shopper’s account.
  3. Customers Don’t Pay a Penny More
    Whenever you shop with your favorite brands through CleverGiver®, you do not pay more than you would’ve paid going to their websites directly. CleverGiver® donates out of the commissions they receive from these brands, sharing the larger chunk of their revenue with the nonprofits supported by their users.
  4. Ability to Support Multiple Nonprofits
    Unlike all other similar services (which allow you to support only one nonprofit at a time), CleverGiver® allows each shopper to designate up to 3 nonprofits to support, including the exact percentage of funds that should go to each. There’s also a fourth option which is cashback.
  5. Generous Referral and Welcome Bonuses
    CleverGiver® rewards its individual users for referring new shoppers (new members without previous or existing accounts). Use your custom referral link and as soon as your referral accumulates $7.00 in CleverGiver® Credit from purchases (not in other referral bonuses), both you and your referral get $7.00 each.

Still find yourself asking questions? Check out the FAQs and then get signed up before your next shopping trip!

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