Embracing the Science of Connection


February 15, 2024

At Kennedy’s Angel Gowns, we understand the profound bond between mothers and their babies, even those who have left this world too soon. Recently, we came across a poignant article on TODAY.com that beautifully captures the essence of this connection through the lens of science. Today, we’re honored to share insights from this article and reflect on how it resonates with our mission of providing comfort and support to grieving families.

Understanding Microchimerism

Microchimerism, as eloquently described in the article by Melissa Wilson, an associate professor of genetics at Arizona State University, sheds light on the intricate connection between mother and child. Wilson explains, “there are cells that aren’t yours that are existing in your body,” emphasizing the profound impact of fetal cells from pregnancy. These cells, she notes, create a lasting bond between mother and child, offering solace beyond the physical realm.

Finding Peace Amidst Loss

Lee Ann Townes, a mother who experienced miscarriage, shares her journey of finding comfort in the concept of microchimerism. Reflecting on her loss, she recalls, “I felt more connected to my body and to the baby we lost,” echoing the sentiments of many mothers who have experienced similar tragedies. Erin Lettman, who endured miscarriage and “vanishing twin” loss, finds reassurance in knowing that her children “are more than just a memory or a ghost.”

Personal Reflections

Our own experiences at Kennedy’s Angel Gowns resonate deeply with the sentiments expressed in the article. Like Athena Aktipis, associate professor of psychology at Arizona State University, we’ve encountered moments of reflection and wonder at the idea of carrying the essence of our angel babies within us. Wilson’s revelation that fetal cells can be found in various tissues, including the heart and lungs, reinforces the notion that our loved ones are always with us in more ways than we can imagine.


As we navigate the complexities of grief and loss, the science of microchimerism offers a ray of hope and comfort to mothers and families everywhere. At Kennedy’s Angel Gowns, we stand in solidarity with those who have experienced pregnancy loss, offering support, understanding, and compassion on their journey toward healing. Together, let us embrace the science of connection and honor the enduring bond between mother and child.

The article was originally published on TODAY.com.

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