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Kennedy’s Angel Gowns

The More You Know

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns started sewing burial gowns for infants in 2016 and has grown into a thriving non-profit organization. While we are maturing and finding our rhythm, we have amazing people across the globe who are helping the cause — raising awareness of pregnancy and infant loss and helping the families faced with this loss.

We always have people reaching out with questions and we want to provide answers to the most common ones. If there is something we missed, please do not hesitate to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns


Can I see photos of my gown?

No, we are unable to provide photos of your donated gown or items that are made from it.

Who can request a free infant burial outfit?

A parent, family member, or friend can request a burial garment for an infant.

Can I share my personal story?

Yes, if you receive a burial gown from us, we would love the opportunity to share your story on the blog. More details coming soon.

Where can you ship infant burial garments?

We ship a burial garment for an infant to anywhere in the United States. We have had some requests worldwide.

Are donations to Kennedy's Angel Gowns tax-deductible?

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and financial donations are tax-deductible. If you’re making a gown donation, request a tax receipt on the provided Shipping Form.

Do you have any open positions in the organization?

We are new and growing, so dedicated skills are needed. If you have current or previous experience with non-profit management, grant writing, communications, or other areas helpful to an organization, please contact us.

Are you accepting gown donations right now?

The gown donation page has the current status posted (and it is on the bottom of the website).

Where can I learn more about gown donations?

Learn how to donate a wedding gown, how to prepare your shipment or drop-off, and read frequently asked questions on the Gown Donation page.

Can I get materials and sew gowns for Kennedy's Angel Gowns?

Yes, we have volunteers that are part of our local sewing team that meets bi-monthly in Chesapeake, Virginia (currently not meeting due to COVID). Visit Get Involved to get connected.

Do you make burial outfits for boys?

Yes, we do have some shorts, pants, and vest outfits. Gowns, wraps, or shrouds work best with a fragile baby, so they are embellished differently to offer girl, boy, or unisex styles.

Are you looking for sponsors?

Yes, we would love to discuss the opportunity of sponsorship with you! Please email [email protected] to start the conversation.

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