Tuesday, May 11, 2021

This special day of giving runs from midnight to 11:59 PM (EST) fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Give Local 757 is an initiative of Peninsula Community Foundation.

We have 24 hours to make an impact!

Supporting Hampton Roads

Give Local 757 is a day for anyone to be a philanthropist and give to Hampton Roads non-profit organizations. Online donations through givelocal757.org can be as little as $10 and as a donor, you can choose the causes and nonprofits you want to support.

Donations through the Give Local 757™ online portal to Kennedy’s Angel Gowns are tax-deductible and cannot be refunded. Contributions may be made via credit and debit cards only. Donations will be received and receipted by GiveGab (online platform).

2021 Goal

We will purchase a cooling device for a local hospital in Hampton Roads, Virginia with the money raised. This device gives bereaved parents the gift of time—more time to spend with their infant before burial. Pregnancy and infant loss is devastating enough to endure; the family shouldn’t have to schedule little time they have with the mortuary just to see their infant. A cooling device brings their baby next to them for their final memories to cherish. 

Give Local 757! 2 - Kennedys Angel Gowns

Nifty 50 Challenge

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns may be awarded $757 if we are the organization with donations from the most U.S. States (states turn black if donation is received). Thanks to every donor in each of these states!

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