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The Angel Box

Free Infant burial garment & items

Kennedy's Angel Gowns packages and delivers our beautiful handmade items to help bereaved parents face pregnancy and infant loss and prepare for the burial of their baby. The Angel Box features a gorgeous burial garment, mommy & me bracelets, and crocheted items.

When this tragedy hits, your time is limited and local stores rarely have an option for a burial garment that would fit appropriately. Our infant burial garments are handmade from wedding gowns and available in micro wraps, preemie, and small to large sizes. We select the perfect infant garment based on weight, gender, and availability.

Kennedy's Angel Gowns delivers or ships the Angel Box, and Heather Wilson offers comfort as a Bereavement Doula and counselor, all at no charge.

You're not alone, and Kennedy's Angel Gowns here is for you. Our simple Angel Box is our gift to make the final memories with your child as beautiful as they should be.

Who We Help

Kennedy's Angel Gowns serves any bereaved family faced with pregnancy and infant loss throughout Virginia and the United States. Our list of resources is also highly recommended.

Get your Angel Box today!

Family, friends, or parents can order this free infant burial package.

The Cooling Unit

Helping hospitals give the gift of time

Kennedy's Angel Gowns raises funds to donate a cooling device such as the Cenotaph Cradle, CuddleCot™ or Caring Cradle to local hospitals. These are a cooling system that allows parents to keep their infants near and gives more time together. You can help us equip more hospitals by making any donation to the Cooling Unit Campaign to give bereaved parents this precious time with their infant.

A Caring Cradle was donated for the first-ever Butterfly Room in 2019. The dedicated bereavement room for patients at Norfolk General Hospital was funded through Kennedy's Angel Gowns by donors like you. Imagine if every hospital in this country had a dedicated Butterfly Room equipped with a cooling unit for parents grieving from pregnancy and infant loss!

The NBC television series New Amsterdam featured a Cuddle Cot™ in an episode on November 12, 2019. It has brought more awareness of pregnancy and infant loss as well as the importance of a cooling device.

Family Partners

Each year we recognize two families that have made an impact on pregnancy and infant loss awareness. Kennedy’s Angel Gowns is thankful for their ongoing support and contributions to our cause.

Programs 11 - Kennedys Angel Gowns

Wahr Family

2019 Angels on Earth

This award recognizes individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to supporting bereaved families and raising awareness to the silence that often surrounds infertility, miscarriage, early neonatal loss, still birth, and infant loss.

Programs 12 - Kennedys Angel Gowns

Bryant Family

2019 Ambassador Family

This award recipient is selected by our board of directors. Together we raise awareness and funds to support other families that experience infertility or the loss of a child.

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