The Angel Box—Infant Burial Garment & Keepsakes

Free “Angel Gown” for babies

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns packages and delivers our beautiful handmade items to help bereaved parents face pregnancy and infant loss and prepare for the burial of their baby. The Angel Box features a gorgeous burial garment, mommy & me bracelets, and crocheted items.

When this tragedy hits, your time is limited and local stores rarely have an option for a burial garment that would fit appropriately. Our infant burial garments are handmade from wedding gowns and available in micro wraps, preemie, and small to large sizes. We select the perfect infant garment based on weight, gender, and availability.

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns ships The Angel Box, and Heather Wilson offers comfort as a Bereavement Doula and counselor, all at no charge.

You’re not alone, and Kennedy’s Angel Gowns here is for you. The Angel Box is our simple gift to make the final memories with your child as beautiful as they should be.

Who We Help

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns provides free infant burial kits to assist families facing the devastating loss of a pregnancy or infant within the past 15-30 days and preparing for an imminent burial service.

If you have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss more than 30 days ago and are seeking bereavement resources or keepsakes, please check our list of resources for additional programs that may help your grieving process.

You can help

If you would like to support The Angel Box program, your gift helps with sewing supplies, packaging, and delivery (gas, expedited shipping).


Free infant burial KIT

The form is detailed in order best serve the family receiving the Angel Box.