Community Doula Program

by Kennedy’s Angel Gowns

Doula Training & Services

The Community Doula Program is dedicated to supporting families in need by providing doula services in the Hampton Roads area. We offer free doula training to ensure that our doulas are well-equipped to provide compassionate care and expert guidance to the families they serve. Our program is committed to improving families’ pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience by providing doula services and free doula training.

If you would like to support the programs offered by Kennedy’s Angel Gowns, a gift of any amount will help make a positive impact in our communities!

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Our Doula Services

Our Doula Services are available to families in the Hampton Roads area. Our team of caring and experienced doulas is dedicated to supporting and guiding families throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys.

Every family’s needs are unique, so our full-spectrum doulas are trained to provide various services, from emotional support to practical assistance.

Whether you’re looking for help with infertility, preparing for birth, or coping with a loss, our program is here to offer compassionate care and expert guidance.

Apply today to start your journey to a happier, healthier pregnancy and birth experience.

Why do I have to apply?

Families may need to apply to the doula service because there is often a high demand for doula services, and the number of doulas available to provide these services may be limited. Therefore, families may need to apply to the program to be matched with a doula who is available and able to meet their unique needs. Additionally, the application process allows our team to better understand the specific needs of each family and to pair them with a doula who is a good fit. This helps to ensure that families receive the highest quality care and support throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.

2024 Free Doula Training Class

Chesapeake, Virginia

Accepting Applications: Update Coming Soon

We are excited to invite anyone interested in becoming a doula to apply for our free upcoming training classes on January 27-28, 2024.

In just eight weeks, you can become a Full Spectrum Doula with expertise in Birth, Bereavement, and Postpartum. This self-paced course will guide you from being an advocate to becoming a skilled doula.

Online application opening soon—we hope you will join us on this rewarding journey!

Who should apply for the free doula training class?
  • Great listeners with a passion for supporting and encouraging others are ideal candidates for becoming doulas.
  • Those interested in pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, loss, grief, healing, and new parenthood are also well-suited for this field.
  • Prior experience as a doula is not required, as our training program will provide the knowledge and skill set needed for a successful career.
  • Whether you have hired a doula before or are completely new to the field, we welcome all applicants. Join us on this rewarding career path today!
What are the requirements to apply?
  • Available to attend the two-day training and complete the 8-week course material.
  • Commit to one year with Kennedy’s Angel Gowns as a doula.
  • Required to attend births that may be a substantial length of time.
  • You must be in good health, practice self-care, and be supported by others to pursue being a Doula.
  • Serve clients in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.
What is in the free doula training course?

The course is valued at $997 and includes:

  • Two 1 Hour Business Coaching Sessions
  • Fertility, Prenatal, and Pregnancy Support Training
  • Medical and Non-Medical Support and Labor Positions
  • Lactation Support and Bereavement through Lactation
  • Postpartum in Bereavement and Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health Support
  • Black Infant and Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Outcomes and Eliminating Disparities
  • All-access to Dubsado for Doula Course
  • All Forms, Contracts, and Birth/Postpartum Plans for Clients
  • Templates to start your Doula Business, including brochures, childbirth education guides, and bereavement planning guide
  • Lifetime Access to Course and Doula Mastermind Facebook group
Is this free doula training live?

Yes, the two-day mandatory training is held in person. The remainder of the course material is for you to complete independently.

How much time should I dedicate weekly for the training?

You should commit 2-5 hours a week for the course reading, movies, and assignments. 

Why do we need doulas?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 1 pregnancy in 100 at 20 weeks of pregnancy and later is affected by stillbirth, and each year about 24,000 babies are stillborn in the United States.

The rate of stillbirth varies considerably by race and Hispanic origin of the mother. The rate of stillbirth for non-Hispanic black women is more than twice the rate for non-Hispanic white women, followed by American Indian or Alaska Native women, and Hispanic women. These groups are marginalized, and we can reduce these alarming rates with doula representation.

Due to the fact that hiring a doula in the third trimester can decrease the chances of stillbirth by 30%, we’re offering a Community Doula Program to educate mothers with our trained doulas. A doula’s presence in the hospital can have a huge impact on the health of laboring mothers. We expect a decline of stillbirths in our communities because of our certified doulas that go through our program.