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February 1, 2021

Online Shopping

You can help raise funds for Kennedy’s Angel Gowns while you shop! This year we’re using the new ShopRaise app, which gives a portion back to us whenever you do your normal online shopping. Here’s a link. It’s free and takes less than 30 seconds to get set up. Simply get the app, shop online, and help us continue supporting and serving families faced with pregnancy and infant loss.

Gift Cards

Support our cause by purchasing a gift card online. Each card purchased will contribute up to 2% to our cause. Choose from hundreds of popular merchants like Applebee’s, Bath & Body Works, Krispy Kreme, Michael’s, Netflix, and so much more! You can “double-dip” and purchase gift cards for your own online shopping that earns even more for our cause!

Get the App

Desktop App

Use your desktop or laptop at home or work. ShopRaise works as a Chrome extension for your browser. You can shop over 1,700 online stores and more than 300 popular merchants that offer gift cards. The Desktop App Help Desk is available if you have questions setting up the app.

Mobile App

Use the mobile ShopRaise app on iOS or Android to shop on the go. You’ll gain features like Geo Alerts that provide reminders about participating stores, specials, and deals. Don’t forget about purchasing gift cards to do your own shopping that helps increase contributions. Check out the Mobile App Help Desk if you have questions.

Help Desk

Either way, you don’t pay more to shop using ShopRaise and can still use coupons and shop deals while supporting our cause. You can view your transactions, access deals, and track your fundraising success. Review these FAQs below and find more at ShopRaise’s Help Desk.

  • Can I use a gift card shopping on my Phone?

    Yes, you can. Gift cards come from ShopRaise’s partners and They provide both physical cards that can be mailed to you or eGift Cards that are emailed to you.
    Redeem your gift cards online by entering the code at checkout. You can redeem your gift cards at a store by printing the gift card out or by providing the code from your phone at checkout. 

    (Note: Don’t forget you can double-dip and purchase gift cards for your online shopping, earning more for us!)

  • Will I pay more while shopping with Shopraise?

    There are no additional fees or costs to use ShopRaise while you shop. The stores you are shopping pay a commission on the sale to our cause. The best thing is you can still use the same great coupons and deals you already do!

  • Does ShopRaise work on my phone?

    Yes. Get the ShopRaise app on both iOS and Android. Search for Kennedy’s Angel Gowns in the list of causes to support us.

  • What information does Shopraise track?

    Some data is tracked at participating retailers such as transaction amount, date/time of the transaction, and name of the store. View their Privacy Policy for more information.

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