The Perfect Infant Burial Garment


February 11, 2020

Selecting infant burial garments

We meet parents just mere hours or days before they have to bury their child. We don’t have a huge window of opportunity to provide all our support when it comes to funerals. We have to work very precisely. And fast.

Heather Wilson, a co-founder of Kennedy’s Angel Gowns, takes every step necessary to help bereaved families with an infant burial garment. Here is a peek behind-the-scenes of Kennedy’s Angel Gowns to see what it takes to get the perfect fit.

This is the picture we shared on social media.

The Perfect Infant Burial Garment 1 - Kennedys Angel Gowns
This garment was for Roman who was born only 10oz and 10 inches long.

Behind the scenes

This is the photo you didn’t see. We look through our inventory and pull an item based on the details provided from the online urgent request. Oftentimes we have to send a picture of the garment with a measuring tape. While this time of loss is tragic for the bereaved family, checking this measurement is crucial for the parent to ensure the delivered item fits their infant. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt along with communication back and forth to get it just right.

The Perfect Infant Burial Garment 3 - Kennedys Angel Gowns
Measurements are key to the proper fitting infant burial garment.

There is no room for error and no time for delays in this process. Once the perfect fit is selected, it can be shipped overnight. This infant burial garment for Romon was shipped to the family in Arizona overnight—costing nearly $80. Kennedy’s Angel Gowns cover this cost 100% and never charges a cent to the bereaved family.

The why behind what we do

Roman’s father expressed how this free infant burial garment took so much weight off of the family and how it was one less thing they had to worry about. We do understand this well.

Heather and Demitri Wilson started this organization because they were once in this same situation. They couldn’t find anything small enough or perfect enough to fit their daughter, Kennedy. The fact that Kennedy’s Angel Gowns is able to provide gowns and garments for other families is such a blessing to each person involved.

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns is forever connected to this family. Not sure if Roman’s parents will ever read this, but, please know your story touched Heather’s heart and she’s happy that, as bereaved parents, you got to talk about your angels for those few minutes. You now have a village of people praying for you today and always.

Here are other infant burial garments that were measured to help find the perfect fit.

Kennedy’s Angel Gowns is 100% volunteer-driven and donations from people like you make it all possible.

You can help a family receive a burial garment! Your monthly or one-time donation helps cover shipping costs.

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