Honoring Our Volunteers: Eva and Lily Ickert Celebrated at The Angel Ball

2024 Volunteer of the Year Award presented by Kennedy’s Angel Gowns

At Kennedy’s Angel Gowns, the heart and soul of our mission are reflected in the dedication and compassion of our volunteers. We recently celebrated two remarkable individuals, Eva and Lily Ickert, at The Angel Ball. This annual gala raises funds for our vital mission and honors those who go above and beyond in their volunteer efforts. This year, the spotlight shone brightly on Eva and Lily as they received the well-deserved Volunteer of the Year Award.

Since late 2019, Eva and Lily have been pivotal in crafting essential items for our Angel Boxes, which are sent free of charge to bereaved parents. These boxes, containing infant burial wraps, blankets, and keepsake bracelets, offer a touch of comfort and a tangible memory for families during unimaginably tough times.

The story of Eva and Lily is deeply intertwined with personal experience, as their motivation to join Kennedy’s Angel Gowns was sparked by their family’s own loss due to miscarriage in 2018. Their commitment stems from a profound desire to support others experiencing similar losses, turning their personal grief into a force for communal good.

Eva’s involvement is admirable. She makes beautiful bracelets that adorn each Angel Box and organizes and manages the inventory for the bracelets. Her additional commitment includes attending monthly Angel Team Sew-In events and dedicating an extra 4-5 hours each month to ensure everything runs smoothly. Eva teaches new volunteers the delicate craft of bracelet-making, which is a testament to her dedication and skill.

Lily has expanded her volunteerism from bracelet-making to include sewing diapers, a crucial addition to the Angel Boxes. Like her sister, Lily is a regular at the monthly sew-ins, offering guidance to newcomers. The moments she spends sewing alongside her mother are cherished, strengthening family bonds and extending that familial warmth to the Kennedy’s Angel Gowns community.

The Angel Ball was a night to remember, filled with stories of love, loss, and hope. As Eva and Lily were honored, the entire room was reminded of each volunteer’s profound impact on the lives of grieving families. Their work ensures that the memory of lost infants continues through beautifully crafted keepsakes.

Eva encourages others to volunteer, highlighting the joy and awareness it brings to the sensitive issues of pregnancy and infant loss. Lily’s dedication is palpable, speaking volumes through her commitment to her craft. These young girls are an inspiration and valuable member of the Angel Box Team.

As we reflect on the success of The Angel Ball, we are reminded of the critical role volunteers like Eva and Lily play in Kennedy’s Angel Gowns’ mission. Their contributions not only support families in their time of need but also ensure the lasting impact of our work—one Angel Box at a time. Join us in celebrating these incredible volunteers whose passion and generosity light the way for many.

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